Why You Need Marefya Gojoye as your Property Management Company in Ethiopia

8 Benefits of Hiring a Property Managers in Ethiopia

1. Maintenance and Repairs

The property management company in Ethiopia is responsible for keeping the property in a safe and habitable condition. This includes repairs, maintenance, and the updating of facilities like security cameras and parking. Property managers in Ethiopia like Marefya Gojoye are able to perform routine maintenance such as landscaping, gardening, pest removal, checking for leaks, and trash removal, or locating and employing individuals capable of performing these tasks on a regular basis. Similarly, when repairs or renovations are needed, property managers need to either fix the issues themselves or hire someone to do the work. This means property managers generally have a large network of reliable contractors, plumbers, craftsman, carpenters, and electricians.

2. In-depth Knowledge of Landlord-Tenant Laws

Property management companies are often the first line of contact in an eviction or dispute, as well as in the general legal functioning of a rental property. In this role, property managers in Ethiopia, such as Marefya Gojoye know the legal processes for vetting tenants, handling security down payments, ending leases, eviction, safety compliance, and more.

3. Maintaining the Budget and Managing Financial Documents

As the supervisor of day-to-day activities, property managers in Ethiopia such as Marefya Gojoye, are also responsible for organizing the budget for the building and keeping detailed financial records. Managers are often provided with a set budget for the property they need to operate within, and it is their responsibility to use their discretion to make enhancements, handle repairs, and maintain an emergency fund. The property management company such as Marefya Gojoye in Ethiopia may also be asked to file taxes for the properties and/or assist the owner during tax season. We are also able to keep thorough records of the functioning of the property. This includes but is not limited to all income and expenses and records of complaints, leases, repairs, maintenance requirements, and insurance payments. Furthermore, complete records for all building inspections and rent collections.

4. The Inspection Game

When you lease or rent out property, one needs to know it will be in safe hands. Choosing a property management company in Ethiopia can make the tenant vetting process easier, protecting your investment. Aside from advertising to the kind of tenants you want to attract, we will also check their backgrounds. This can be an administrative nightmare, involving a lot of paperwork, so when owners plan to handle it on their own, it can waste a lot of valuable time for them. Marefya Gojoye, as a property management company in Ethiopia can handle this for you, allowing you to get the right kind of tenant without the stress.

5. Laws, Building Codes, and More

Buildings or property can be a legal nightmare. Owners have a lot to deal with when considering laws and codes and contractual obligations. Arranging a sensible and legally applicable tenancy contract can be more complicated than it first appears. When property owners ignore a legal requirement through ignorance of the law or lack of time, they could land themselves in some serious legal problems. In such a case, the once lucrative property investment could become a nightmare of court cases, prosecution, and fines, leading to debt or even worse, bankruptcy. Property management companies in Ethiopia such as Marefya Gojoye know the ins and outs of the law involved. We can make sure all the legal requirements are taken care of and protect you from any court action.

6. Experience Expertise

Property management companies such as ours, operate their business around the real estate industry in Ethiopia. That means we are sure to have a deeper knowledge of the property business than most owners. This helps enable us to manage the property with greater efficiency, making the whole process easier for all involved. One of the most obvious examples of this is the maintenance issue, i.e. green area for cooking and events. Property management services in Ethiopia, such as Marefya Gojoye have businesses contacts ready to deliver maintenance, at discounted rates from a negotiated supplier relationship. This in turn means faster repairs at a bargain prices.

7. Invest More - Worry Less

For international investors investing in property in Ethiopia, it may seem filled with difficulties. In addition, to the potential time zone differences, one would also have to deal with the lack of local knowledge and contacts. This is where hiring local property management companies in Ethiopia such as Marefya Gojoye can make a huge difference and make life the much more less stress free. We as your property manager can help alleviate the challenges of investing in property that is foreign to you without dealing with the many pitfalls.

8. Well Worth It

All these positives add up to a huge benefit that property owners may sum up in a single phrase: peace of mind. Investing in property should be a method of turn the money you have into even more money, with the hopes of eventually significantly improving your financial position. It is as simple as that, but if your investment burdens you into taking on more work and more stress, then it can defeat the reason for the investment to begin with. But with Marefya Gojoye property services in Ethiopia, you can rest assured that your investment is in safe hands and becomes a hands-off affair, leaving you to soak up the benefits of property investments without compromising your lifestyle and living worry free.