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Ayat Hill Bottom Apartments and Business Outlets

Ayat Adebabeya

6 Buildings with 12 & 19 floors of apartments and business complexes.

Ayat Hill Bottom's spacious commercial outlets are positioned on 4 floors that of the street/ground level, as well as, the first, second and third floors. The remaining floors are reserved for residential units. This Ayat building offers its potential residents luxury apartments for sale starting from the 4th floor and above. As the community of Ayat settlements has been growing for over twenty years it has attracted a plethora of facilities setup by enterprising businessmen, thus providing services that are perfectly aligned to the needs of the luxury lifestyle clients of Ayat homes are accustomed to.

Some examples include fitness facilities and shopping malls. The location of the new Ayat Hill Bottom apartment/business outlets complex coupled with the comforts available in the area enable residents and businessmen to enjoy incomparable access to favorable opportunities. The businesses complex available for sale could be turned into many different business ends, such as, supermarkets, restaurants, boutiques, shops, entertainment facilities, offices, etc.

The road leading to the city center Megenagna happens to pass right through the Ayat Hill Bottom building, thus providing accesses to one of the roads of the city. The electric train station, also known as Ayat, has a station right across the street from the building providing convenient transport links.

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