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Marefya Gojoye - Official Marketing & Sales Agents for Ayat Real Estate S.C.

Marefya Gojoye Marketing Plc. is a leading real estate brokerage firm that produces fast and reliable services in Ethiopia. We deal in the leasing and sale of properties directly from leading developers, as well as offering, investment consultancy, and property management services.

We here at Marefya use proactive marketing and brokerage techniques to navigate today's challenging Ethiopian real estate environment. All Marefya Gojoye agents perform their tasks honestly and with a smile on our faces as we are confident we shall keep our clients satisfied.

Being in the exciting real estate industry, we feel privileged to assist our customers as they reach a new meridian in their lives, whether it is by finishing their new building to their tastes or directing us to finish and design it for them.

Our Vision

To be Ethiopia's foremost real estate company that sets itself apart through empowering its clients to realize their dreams.

Our Mission

At Marefya Gojoye we strive to provide a comprehensive real estate marketing service that buyers recommend and are proud to be a part of.

Our Core Services

1. Residential & Commercial Sales

2. Property Management

3. Residential & Commercial Renting

Ayat Real Estate's Premiere Agents

Ayat Real Estate is an Ethiopian owned and managed company that has handed over more than 7,000 residential homes, 1,000 commercial properties and created job opportunities for more than 15,000 Ethiopians. Ayat Real Estate S.C. is changing the Ethiopian real estate landscape not only for buyers but for all Ethiopians as a whole and we at Marefya Gojoye are proud to be an essential part of this process.

Ayat Real Estate Agent's Marefya Gojoye is a dynamic forward thinking real estate company specializing in the marketing and sales of residential and commercial properties throughout Ethiopia with our head office in the heart of Addis Ababa, 22 Mazoria.

CEO Message

We have proven time and time again to be dedicated and focused agents who are working with master developers such as Ayat Real Estate S.C. Marefya Gojoye is made up of a team with extensive knowledge about the real estate market, and if you provide us the opportunity to serve you, we guarantee you that ours will be a lifelong and fruitful relationship.

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Ayat Real Estate's Premiere Agents - Marefya Gojoye Marketing Plc.

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Siemon Mekonnen

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